Eco Tank Pro™ - Septic Tank Treatment - Simply Add Granules

Eco Tank Pro™ is designed specifically to fight even the toughest septic tank odors. Continuous use of Eco Tank Pro™ also reduces surface and bottom solids in the septic tank.

One scoop of granules is suitable for a 20 gallon septic tank.  Simply drop granules in the toilet and flush every month.  Billions of septic-specific bio-stimulants per dose begin to work by helping to prevent back-up and by dissolving sludge. Eco Tank Pro™ is plumbing safe.

Eco Tank Pro™ products actively stop the production of odors.  Continuous use of Eco Tank Pro™ reduce bottom solids that can carry over to the leach field and cause clogging. Once clogged, the system has nowhere to drain and the tank fills up, causing backup in the home and wet areas in the yard. Eco Tank Pro dissolves the waste!

Use of Eco Tank Pro™ boost the biological metabolism of active cultures which dissolve solids. This beneficial bacteria is then carried over to the leach field to reduce solids and help prevent clogging – the biggest problem for septic systems, and the hardest and most costly to repair.

Eco Tank Pro™ - Grey Water Treatment:

Eco Tank Pro™ allows you to keep your grey water tank and drain lines open, flowing and odor-free.  Eco Tank Pro™ is a grey water deodorizer. The rapid-dissolving granules use a unique compound of odor stopping bio-stimulants and biodegradable surfactants.

Drop The granules into the sink or shower, turn on the water - Eco Tank Pro™ rapidly dissolves in 20-30 seconds.

Experience the Convenience for Yourself:

  • Deodorizes grey tanks with the odor control formula
  • Freshens sink and drain lines
  • Dissolves grease and organic sludge from sink and drain lines
  • Cleans the sensors inside the grey tank
  • Dissolves rapidly
  • Is Biodegradable
  • Is Formaldehyde-free
  • Has no Perfume

Sanitize, Freshen, Remove Odors ...

Environmentally-friendly Eco Tank Pro™ offers odor control in your RV, Camper, Boat or in Your Home.

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Eco Tank Pro™ provides a simple, no-mess portion-control deodorizer and waste treatment solution for use in RVs, powerboats or sailboats, and in your home.

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