"The boat's head isn't a source of complaint because of odor anymore.  The combination of Vacu-Flush and Eco Tank Pro™ leaves NO odor in the SeaRay...not just perfume."
- Chris P.
"Since using Eco Tank Pro™, when guests board my boat they always comment that there is no "bad odor"." 
-Roy J.
"The head doesn’t smell – at all.  We have two full heads (toilets), with a single holding tank, and a holding tank for gray water.  The outflow is liquefied, and neither tank smell s.  Eco Tank Pro™ works! "
– Gary T.
"Our 46-foot sailboat has two heads with one holding tank.  After the first month the Eco Tank Pro™ and two long race weekends, there’s no stink in the heads."
 - Ted O.
"The head and holding tank on the club’s committee boat is heavily used, and had gotten smelly despite regular service.  Eco Tank Pro™ has eliminated the smell."
– Mike D.

green environment


"We don't need to air out the house, especially the bathroom now that we use Eco Tank Pro™.  It has eliminated the septic tank smells and made life a lot 'rosier'.
- Robert K.
"Our fifth wheel gets a lot of use – weekends, and often extra guests at the house.  The tanks don’t get emptied as often as they should.  Eco Tank Pro™ twice a month seems to have deodorized both the sewage tank and the grey water tank without any flowery air freshener.   Thanks for a product that actually works."
- Marie J.


"Eco Tank Pro™ works!  Our formerly smelly Winnebago holding tank now has NO odor.  I'm happy, and more important, she's happy."
- Bob H.
"The toilet odor in our RV wasn’t too strong, but just enough to be unpleasant, especially on a longer trip.  I had gotten to the point that I just didn’t want to go. Eco Tank Pro™ has solved that, and i look forward to the trips to the lake, and to the weekend."
– Pat S.

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Environmentally-friendly Eco Tank Pro™ offers odor control in your RV, Camper, Boat or in Your Home.

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Eco Tank Pro™ provides a simple, no-mess portion-control deodorizer and waste treatment solution for use in RVs, powerboats or sailboats, and in your home.

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