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  • Causes of Home Septic Tank Odors

    Causes of Home Septic Tank Odors

    Septic tanks receive the wastes from your home disposal... where all the waste is decomposed and stored. Sometimes, the anti-bacterial cleansers used in your household cleaning causes a disturbance in the chemical decomposition and the bacteria in the septic tank that processes the waste are inadequate.

    When the pH level is too acidic it causes the septic tanks to develop an unpleasant odor. When home owners experience a foul-smelling septic tank they have to explore the causes and take necessary steps to eliminate the problem.

    The Cause of Septic Tank Odors

    • A Full Septic Tank: The most common cause is that the septic tank is full; this is the easiest problem to resolve, which is to pump it out. If your plumbing has a leaky faucet, or you’re using more water than usual, the septic tank may need to be pumped more frequently to diminish the odor.
    • A Clogged Septic Tank Vent: Septic tanks require a vent to allow sewage gases to escape, and avoids a buildup of toxic methane gases. Occasionally, the vent may get clogged by snow, nest or a ground critter. It is important to regularly inspect the vent to ensure that the gases are escaping. A clogged vent can result in foul smelling septic tank odors inside your home.
    • A Covered Septic Tank Vent: If your home has been remodeled or altered since the septic tank was installed, the vent might have been covered over. Many tanks were built to vent into the attic, so if the attic has been converted into a room, that room may experience odors from time to time.
    • A Missing Septic Tank Vent: If your septic tank was installed by a careless contractor, the system may have been installed without a vent. Without a vent, the odor from the tank comes up through the drains, making the kitchen and bathroom smell terrible.
    • A Chemistry Problem: Flushing things that should not to be flushed down the drain can cause problems with decomposition of sewage and lead to problems in the tank. It is very important to NOT flush oil or fat, industrial cleaning products, feminine hygiene products, paints, plastics, condoms, antibiotics and gasoline. These items cause a disturbance of the breakdown of sewage and results in offensive septic tank odor.
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    "We don't need to air out the house, especially the bathroom now that we use Eco Tank Pro™.  It has eliminated the septic tank smells and made life a lot 'rosier'.
    - Robert K.
    "Our fifth wheel gets a lot of use – weekends, and often extra guests at the house.  The tanks don’t get emptied as often as they should.  Eco Tank Pro™ twice a month seems to have deodorized both the sewage tank and the grey water tank without any flowery air freshener.   Thanks for a product that actually works."
    - Marie J.

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    "Eco Tank Pro™ works!  Our formerly smelly Winnebago holding tank now has NO odor.  I'm happy, and more important, she's happy."
    - Bob H.
    "The toilet odor in our RV wasn’t too strong, but just enough to be unpleasant, especially on a longer trip.  I had gotten to the point that I just didn’t want to go. Eco Tank Pro™ has solved that, and i look forward to the trips to the lake, and to the weekend."
    – Pat S.

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