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Boaters Looking For Solution to Bad Odors On Their Boats

Boats with toilets require a holding tank which contains the waste until the tank is pumped out.  Depending on the owner's preference, some boats are equipped with a “Y” valve, which allows them to pump out or discharge holding tank content overboard while out to sea.  Since it's illegal to discharge overboard anywhere else, skippers are advised to leave the overboard discharge valve locked to prevent accidental discharge and fines.

Holding Tank Odor Prevention

Eco Tank Pro™ provides a powerful all-natural deodorizer and waste treatment that reduces holding tank odors between pump outs. Eliminating unpleasant odors in powerboats and sailboats, it is simple to use and is environmentally friendly.  

Eco Tank Pro™ reduces surface and bottom solids in the holding tank, thereby promoting and accelerating natural decomposition of organic matter through native bacterial metabolization -  which stops the production of foul odors.  There's no staining because Eco Tank Pro™ contains no obnoxious chemical perfumes.  It’s all-natural and all-clean!

Exceptional product development and scientific research guarantees that our product will remove foul smelling odors without any harsh chemicals.  And, because it contains no biocides, perfumes, or staining dyes, Eco Tank Pro™ is safe for all holding tanks.

Simple Steps To Prevent Boat Odors

  • Make sure your holding tank system has adequate air flow. Eliminate any low spots in vent lines that restrict the flow of air.  Aerobic bacteria (the good guys) requires oxygen to live and function.
  • Add 1 ounce of Eco Tank Pro™ per 20 gallons of water is suggested for systems that are used by one or two persons  - this normally retains the odor-free status for one to two weeks.
  • Avoid using detergent, bleach, dish soap or other cleaners or agents  in the holding tank.
  • Regularly change the hoses, seals, gaskets and impellers in your sanitation system and immediately repair if there is a problem.
  • Eco Tank Pro™ also lubricates valves to prevent clogging and helps keep sensors free from grime
  • Always pump out the holding tank when it is full.  Doing so will prevents:

o    Overflow or Air breather filling up
o    Bilge Leaks  
o    Toilet Backup

Through quick dispersion in holding tank, Eco Tank Pro™ offers odor control, breaks down waste and paper.  It is biodegradable and formaldehyde-free.  Eco Tank Pro™ uses non-staining color, dissolves quickly and keeps your system in prime working condition.

Sanitize, Freshen, Remove Odors ...

Environmentally-friendly Eco Tank Pro™ offers odor control in your RV, Camper, Boat or in Your Home.

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Eco Tank Pro™ provides a simple, no-mess portion-control deodorizer and waste treatment solution for use in RVs, powerboats or sailboats, and in your home.

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